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Mounts appear by summoning and help characters in movement, battle, vocation, and convenience in various ways.
Mounts in ArcheWorld are classified as either general mounts or cargo mounts and marine mounts, which can be used to carry the Trade Pack or move underwater easily.
Sales List of Stablehand
  • Sealed Baby Mount Egg, 50 silver
  • Sealed Basic Cargo Mount Egg, 50 silver
  • Sealed Basic Marine Mount Egg, 50 silver
  • Basic Pet Dual-Recovery Potion, 1 gold
  • Stone of the Mount’s Soul, 5 silver
  • Vita Seed, 5 silver
Mounts can be basically obtained through Mount Quest. Characters can ride on mounts to move faster.
Cargo Mounts help characters to move faster when eqipping trade packs.
Marine Mounts help characters to move faster and do certain activities in water, such as river, lake, pond, and sea.
Only 1 mount can be summoned at a time.

Mount Quest NPC Location (Differs by Race)


There are [Basic > Grand > Rare > Arcane > Hero] grade in mount awakening.
Purchase a 'Stone of the Mount's Soul' from Stablehand NPCs and use it on your mount to seal the mount.
Awaken the sealed mount with the Mount Awakening Scroll of the grade that matches your mount.
Check for details about Mount Awakening Scrolls at Folio(O) [Pets & Transport > Pets/Mounts], and craft them at 'Printing
Press' at Community Centers.
※ Please take caution in using "Mount Awakening Scroll" as 'Grand' Awakening Scroll is needed to awaken 'Grand' sealed mount.
Without the scroll of particular grade, the mount will remain as sealed. (added 7/10)