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Pre-Announcement of Initialization and Re-verification of ArcheWorld Wallet (edited 08.10)Notice

2022-08-08 08:45
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
We would like to inform you in advance that the Wallet Verification of all accounts registered in ArcheWorld will be initialized to connect BORA PORTAL
after the end of AlphaPass Test on August 11(Thu). 
# We plan to provide a swap between tBORA <> BSLT via BORA PORTAL in the future. However, please note that BORA PORTAL will only support the MetaMask Wallet.

Information on Initializing Wallet Verification 

  • For all existing ArcheWorld accounts, verification information of the wallets will be initialized regardless of the wallet type, and re-verification is required.
  • After the wallet verification is initialized, re-verification is possible only with the MetaMask wallet, and the Kaikas wallet is no longer supported.
  • If you have previously verified using the MetaMask wallet, you can re-verify with the same MetaMask wallet.
  • If you have previously verified using the Kaikas wallet, you can re-verify with the MetaMask wallet of the same address as follows.
Case1) When installing the Metamask wallet for the first time > Choose ‘Import Wallet’ in the ‘New to MetaMask?’ page and enter the 12-word recovery phrase of your Kaikas wallet. 
Case2) Log in to Kaikas wallet > Account details> Manage wallet key > Export Wallet Key > Copy ‘private key’ > Log in to MetaMask wallet > My Accounts > Import account > Enter private key
※ Caution: If the wallet's private key / recovery phrase / keystore file is leaked, anyone can hack and steal the wallet, so please pay special attention to your personal security.


  • 300 BSLT, which is paid as a reward for completing the ArcheWorld Alpha Pass test missions, will be paid directly to the BSLT deposit through the re-verified wallet of the account that participated in the AlphaPass Test after the official launch.
- If re-verification is not carried out by August 31(Thu), 2022, 300 BSLT will not be paid and will be forfeited, so please make sure you proceeded with re-verification. (edited 08.10)
  • If you re-verify with a wallet address different from the previously verified wallet in your account, NFT information such as land owned by the existing wallet address will no longer be linked with the account.
  • - If you want to maintain the ownership of the NFTs with the new wallet, you must transfer the NFTs to newly verified wallet address.
  • After the re-verification is finished, you can check whether the process was normally done by checking the address displayed in ‘Homepage My info > Edit Account info > My wallet.
Sorry for the inconvenience due to the re-verification.
We will do our best to provide the better service.
Thank you.