New beginning



Pre-notice for the Beginner's Package SalesEvent

2022-09-20 10:30

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
It has already been over two weeks since we introduced ArcheWorld to everyone.
In the meantime, the ArcheWorld team has not only been responding to real-time issues, 
but also analyzed detailed data and closely examined statistical indicators for the current in-game status.
We believe that in order for ArcheWorld to be profitable in the long term, promoting influx of newcomers and expansion of the base should be prioritized of all.
So, we concluded that it is important to increase the convenience and accessibility of new users and to increase the land rental activation rate.
As a solution to this, in addition to fundamental improvement in system, we plan to sequentially disclose and proceed with promotions and land NFT airdrop events.
First of all, we would like to inform you about the first step, the Beginner's Package sale.


  • After 9/22 (Thu) maintenance ~ 10/27 (Thu) before maintenance, 5 weeks


  • Price and quantity : Total quantity 10,000 pieces ($30 / 3 purchases per account)
  • Product information
  1. Product Name: Beginner's Package
  2. Properties: Bound upon acquisition
  3. Components
     - 10 gold coinpurse * 5
     - Bound Hereafter Stone * 50
     - (Bonus Airdrop) + 60 BSLT

  • Bonus BSLT airdrops and product item coupons are paid to the account immediately upon purchase, so purchase cancellation or refund is not possible.
  • If the prepared quantity is exhausted, the sale may end early.
The land NFT airdrop event is being prepared which both existing NFT holders and new users can receive benefits, so please look forward to it and we ask for your attention and interest.
Thank you.