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Patch Note September 29, 2022Update

2022-09-29 03:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on September 29, 2022 below.


  • Added 2 types of Lucky Coinpurses exclusive for the event.
         ▷ Upon use of a Lucky Coinpurse, a small amount of Archeum can be obtained
             and a 'Land Airdrop Ticket' can be obtained additionally by low chance.
         ▷ 'Lucky Coinpurse: Rank 1' can be obtained by defeating Lv41~55 monsters.
         ▷ 'Lucky Coinpurse: Rank 2' can be obtained by defeating 'Void Invasion Normal Monsters'
             and 'Void Thief Rooting Boars'.
  • Free tenant managing fee(10%) event for lanlords(September 1~September 29) ended.

[Wound of the Rift]

  •  Raised the the level of difficulty of some Rift boss monsters.
         ▷ Steed of the Rift, Treant Ramun of the Rift

  • Lowered the rent for all size of lots.
Rent Current Rent Adjusted Rent
Lot Size User-Owned Lot Rent System Lot Rent User-Owned Lot Rent System Lot Rent
STANDARD 150 202.5 100 135
MEDIUM 410 553.5 200 270
LARGE 1080 1458.0 500 675
EXTRA LARGE 2570 3469.5 1100 1485
MEGA 6190 8356.5 2500 3375


  • Adjusted the refund price when selling back the item purchased with gold from in-game merchants.
  • Changed the item name of 'Wrapped Archeum' to 'Archeum: 10,000'.
  • Added the item 'Archeum: 5,000' packed with 5000 Archeum and its crafting design to Folio.
  • Revised the name of achievement: 'Using the Wrapped Archeum Box'.


  • Revised the titles of missions related to using coinpurses in 'Appeal of Growth' category in ArchePass.


  • Edited the information of available locations to place the item on item tooltip of 'Sealed Baby Mount Egg'.


  • Increased the respawn delay of Skyfin monsters that spawns in Rookborne Basin region.


  • Added safety zones near free portals that connect continents.
  • Improved the display of danger levels to be recognized easily.
         ▷ Danger Level: 1
         ▷ Danger Level: 2
         ▷ Danger Level: 3
         ▷ Danger Level: 4
         ▷ Danger Level: 5

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue of character name and health bar temporarily disappearing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue of minimap settings not being saved after loading screen.
  • Fixed the issue of 'Magic Circle: Move' skill being able to be used simultaneously with 'Ice Rain' skill in certain circumstances.
  • Revised the name of the skill used when opening 'Bright Treasure Chest of void'.
  • Deleted some plants that hinders planting crops in lots of Red Waterfall Village.
  • Fixed the issue of icons being displayed abnormally when checking the locations of planted crops in Public Farms.
  • Revised the item tooltip of 'Tudor Spring Townhouse'.
  • Fixed the issue of certain images not being displayed in guild creation UI.
  • Now the locations of quests related to Pederson in Silent Forest are properly marked.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to pickup some Pangopup mount after fully grown.
  • Fixed the issue of system message being abnormally displayed when trying to purchase already sold items in Auction House.
  • Fixed the issue of lowest listing price being affected by items waiting to be listed.
  • Fixed the issue of respawning outside of safety zones when being killed in certain regions.
  • Revised the translations of names of some Scroll items.
  • Matched the names of skills and their skill notes in certain languages.