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Patch Note November 17, 2022Update

2022-11-17 03:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on November 17, 2022 below.


Black Friday Event will be started.
  • 'Lucky Black Friday Crate' can be purchased from Blue Salt Shop.
  • 'Goddess' Key' can be obtained every 30 minutes through the UI at the left of the screen. (No limit on the maximum purchase limit per day)


Now Incomplete Archeum shard will be additionally obtained when identifying Unidentified Hearthstones.

Partially changed the descriptions of 'Incomplete Archeum Shard Cluster'.


Adjusted the brightness in Stone Slate Mansion (Terrace).

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue of Equipment Point being abnormally applied due to certain synthesis effect.
  • Fixed the issue of brightness being abnormally applied in Stone Slate Mansion (Terrace).
  • Fixed the issue of items other than Lunastones being uploaded in Lunastone UI.
  • Adjusted the location of the wells near Worldgates in Ynystere and Halcyona.
  • Removed quests in certain regions.
  • Adjusted the location of 'Tehmi Empire Relic' during 'History in the Sand' quest to rocks near sandtrap.
  • Fixed the issue of search result displaying differently when searching for certain items in Item Exchange.
  • Revised the translation errors in building special decor items in certain language.