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Archeum Brazier Craft EventEvent

2022-11-24 03:00

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Archeum Brazier Craft
Check it out from Seed and Sapling Merchant!

  • After November 24 maintenance ~ before December 8 maintenance (2 weeks)

  1. During the event period, 'Seed and Sapling Merchant' sells 'Basic Braizer' event items for a limited time (5 silver each / No purchase limit)
  2. You can make 'Archeum Brazier' by consuming 100 Archeum at Multipurpose Workbench or Community Center Complex Workbench. 
  3. You can place Archeum Brazier in your private lot and start crafting. It takes 8 hours to craft and consumes 5 labor to obtain the product.
Obtainable items from Archeum Brazier
Depending on the result, Incomplete Archeum shard or refined Archeum can be obtained.
> Incomplete Archeum shards: Min. 100 ~ Max. 140
> Refined Archeum: Min. 300 ~ Max. 1,000,000 

  • Basic Brazier, Archeum Brazier items will expire during the December 8(Thu) regular maintenance.
  • The Refined Archeum Brazier will expire if left unattended for 24 hours.