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Announcement regarding expansion of Archeum Management ReserveNotice

2022-12-28 05:15

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
Regarding the Archem management reserve operation started from Dec. 15th (Thu),
we have discussed various aspects internally and plan to proceed as follows.
1. Expanded operation of Archeum Management Reserve
[Effective date]
  • After maintenance on Dec. 29th (Thu)
  • Daily purchase limit 1 time (3,000 Archeum= 18 BSLT) -> Changed to 10 times (30,000 Archeum = 180 BSLT)
# The reserve operation method may change depending on the management reserve status.
2. Craft fee of wrapped Archeum box and Labor potion
The fee will be flexibly operated according to quantity of Archeum and labor on a 3-month cycle of server operation.

[Effective date]
  • From the first quarter of 2023(Exact date TBA)
  • Archeum packaging fee: expected to increase slightly
  • Labor packaging fee: not changed
We, ArcheWorld team, with the deep experience of MMORPG and service, will focus more on what we do best,
and provide with benefits as well as joy in gameplay for all of you who support us.
The market is going through hardship due to the crypto winter, but through the expansion of Archeum management reserve operation, 
we want to repay your trust by providing an environment where you can generate more stable profits.
Go to <Archeum Reserve Management Guide Video>
We wish you a more prosperous 2023 with ArcheWorld.

Thank you.