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New Year's Lucky Pouch that brings you all the luckEvent

2022-12-29 11:00

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New Year's Lucky Pouch 

  • Period : After maintenance on Dec. 29th ~ Before maintenance on Jan. 12th (2 weeks)

  1. ‘New Year's Lucky Pouch’ item can be purchased at Blue Salt Shop during the event period (10 BSLT each/ no purchase limit)
  2. The ‘Lucky Aura’ item is automatically acquired every 5 minutes of the playtime. (No acquisition limit per day)
  3. Collect and use 100 ‘Land Airdrop Coupon: New Year’ items and you will randomly get one of the Standard/Medium/Large Land Airdrop Tickets
  4. ‘Land Airdrop Coupon: New Year’ item can also be acquired at the Ancestral's Hunting Grounds during the event period. 
  5. Winner announcement and confirmed BSLT airdrop will be processed after the event is ended (On Jan. 13th, by 18:00 UTC+8)
New Year's Lucky Pouch
Open New Year Lucky Pouch with Lucky Aura. Obtain one of the following items by chance.

Category Item
Consumables Artisan's Lucky Scroll
Conqueror’s Lucky Scroll
Illustrious Lucky Scroll
Land Land Airdrop Coupon: New Year
Standard Land Airdrop Ticket: New Year
Medium Land Airdrop Ticket: New Year
Large Land Airdrop Ticket: New Year
BSLT 15 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: New Year
30 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: New Year
1,000 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: New Year
10,000 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: New Year

[Land Airdrop Coupon Raffle details]
Rank Reward
1st place 1 winner Large-sized Land NFT airdrop
2nd place 3 winners  Medium-sized Land NFT airdrop
3rd place 6 winners
 Standard-sized NFT airdrop

  • Items for ‘New Year's Event’ will all be deleted on scheduled maintenance of Jan. 12th (Thu)
  • You are automatically applied to the raffle when you get ‘Land Airdrop Coupon’, and the higher the number of tickets obtained, the higher the chance of winning.
  • Even after you collect and use 100 land airdrop tickets to obtain a Land Airdrop Ticket, you will be included in the raffle, based on the cumulative number of tickets obtained.
  • In the System Lands which will be airdropped for this event, there may be a tenant who has already made a contract, and for a System Land tenant, a user landowner may occur.