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Patch Note January 19, 2023Update

2023-01-19 11:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on January 19, 2023 below.

[Competitive Battle]

Two crown Gladiator Arena is receiving participation entry for Battle at Skyfin Nest in Competitive Battle.
  • Entry Period: Every Tue./Thu./Sat. 17:00~17:30, 22:30~23:00 UTC+8
  • Entry Number: 1 per daily, can reset 1 time
  • Entry Condition: Equipment Score Limit: 13000
  • Maximum Player Entry: 50 vs 50


Added daily quest 'March Towards Battle' in Competitive Battle.
  • Can receive Daily Quest from NPC 'Competitive Battle Recruiter' in Gladiator Arena.
  • Can receive 'Token of Honor' when 'Competitive Battle Crate' is used.


Added items Battlefield Cloak: Rank 12 ~ 16.
  • Including: "Rare Battlefield Cloak Awakening Scroll", "Rare Battlefield Cloak Repair Scroll"
  • Can replace synthesis effect of Battlefield Cloak: Rank 12 ~ 1 by using "Illustrious Lucky Scroll."
Added items related to Token of Honor.
  • Including: 'Honor Token Shard', 'Honor Token Crate', 'Competitive Battle Crate'
  • Can create 'Token of Honor' by using 'Honor Token Shard.'
  • Can craft 'Honor Token Crate' with 'Token of Honor.'
  • Can receive 'Token of Honor' when 'Honor Token Crate' is used. ( Random amount )


Changed the ArchePass category name.
Discontinued 4 types of ArchePass. Already activated ArchePass can continue regardless of the discontinuation.
  • A New Beginning
  • September ArchePass
  • October ArchePass
  • Beginner's Settlement ArchePass

[Bug fix]

  • Fixed: Nametag not seen when entering Arena.
  • Fixed: Notice appearing when 'Mature Rice Plant' is harvested. 
  • Fixed: Description of 'Battlefield Cloak' item.