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Patch Note March 9, 2023Update

2023-03-09 03:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on March 9, 2023 below.

Raid Dungeon - Kadum

'Kadum' will officially open.
  • You can receive 'Kadum's Bark' from 'Kadum Raid's Crate' by probability, used as material for Arcane Mount Awakening Scroll: 'Thunder Dash'.
  • Durability loss occurs on death during 'Kadum' Raid Dungeon.

Added item and design of 'Arcane Mount Awakening Scroll: Thunder Dash'.
Slightly increased
 Synthesis Effect of item Battlefield Cloak: Rank 12~16 on EXP 0%.
Added design of Heroic Pet Dual-Recovery Potion.


Added 'March ArchePass' that consists of 14 tiers.
Set the registration deadline for December ArchePass until March 30, 2023 Maintenance.