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Equipment Synthesis Support Event (edited 3/10)Event

2023-03-10 02:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
Equipment Synthesis Support
 Refer to the details below and receive rewards by participating in the event!
  • Period : March 9th (Thu.) after maintenance - March 23rd (Thu.) before maintenance

  1. During the event period, the amount of Archeum consumed for equipment synthesis will be ranked, and BSLT will be airdropped at a differential rate for each section. (a minimum of 100,000 Archeum consumption is required) (edited 3/10)
#Please refer to the table for details.
Item BSLT Reward Number of Winners
1st 10000 1
2nd~5th 5000 4
6th~20th 3000 15
21th~50th 1000 30
51th~100th 500 50
101st~200th 300 100


  1. Granted On March 24th (Fri) by 18:00 (UTC+8), sequential distribution directly to the account participating in the event. 

  • Accumulated total consumption of Archeum during the event is calculated by counting only the cost spent on synthesizing equipment. (Archeum consumed by other activities such as production and repair are excluded)
  • Accumulated consumption of Archeum for equipment synthesis is counted from the minimum of 100,000. (However, even though you have consumed more than 100,000 Archeum but are not in the rank of 200th, you will be excluded in the winner list)