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Patch Note March 16, 2023Update

2023-03-16 03:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on March 16, 2023 below.


Changed certain Skill Details for balance.
  • Basic
      -  Changed Root status to also be removed by 'Defiance'.
  • Battlerage
      -  Increased 'Charge' Snare Duration by 1 sec.
      -  Increased 'Hammer Toss' Stun Duration by 0.5 sec.
      -  Increased 'Whirlwind Slash' First Attack Damage by about 6%.
      -  Increased 'Whirlwind Slash' Second Attack Damage by about 4%. 
      -  Increased 'Precision Strike' Bleeding Chain Effect Damage to 40%.
  • Archery
      -  Increased 'Blazing Arrow' Cooldown by 3sec.
  • Sorcery
      -  Decreased 'Flame Barrier' Duration to 3 sec.
  • Vitalism
      -  Decreased 'Antithesis' Healing Power by about 7%.
      -  Decreased 'Renewal' Healing Power by about 10%.
      -  Decreased 'Mend' Resurgence Chain Effect to 20%.
      -  Decreased 'Resurgence' Healing Power by about 8%.
      -  Decreased 'Skewer' Additional Chain Effect Damage of speared enemy to 35%.
      -  Decreased 'Skewer' Additional Chain Effect Damage on 1 Divine Response to 20%.
      -  Decreased 'Skewer' Additional Chain Effect Damage on Prayer to 100%.
      -  Decreased 'Healing Circle' Cooldown to 40 sec.
      -  Increased 'Healing Circle' Healing Power by about 13%.


Applied a 5% additional success rate on the next awakening attempt of Artificer, Artisan, and Conqueror's equipment item after failure.
  • Additional awakening success rate resets to 0% when 'Type Conversion Scroll' is used to change the equipment.
[Dice of Sun]

Added 'Dice of Sun' area on Suntower Park where you can enjoy simple games.
  • Dice of Sun is located on Mahadevi -> City of Towers -> Suntower Park.
  • Exchange Dice of Sun Chips with Archeum from NPC "Chip Exchanger".
Added Slot Machine on Dice of Sun.
  • Enjoy the game by using Dice of Sun Chips.
  • Basic (x1) slot machine requires 1 chip, and multiplier slots (x5)/(x10) appear by probability.
      -  The required number of chips changes to 5 and 10 when multiplier slots (x5)/(x10) appear.
      -  All machines can give up to max. 1000 times the amount of chips (x1,x5,x10) invested as reward. 
  • For high multiple machines, the first user will only be able to use it for a certain time to prevent others from taking it away.
Added Beer Tower on Dice of Sun.
  • You can buy beer by using Dice of Sun Chips.
  • There is no special effect, but you can receive strong beer by probability.
Added Memory Tome on "Suntower Park area" at Mahadevi City of Towers.

Expanded guild max. level from 5 -> 10.
Lowered difficulty of guild growth.
  • Changed item needed to level up the guild.
  • Changed item needed to increase the rank of guild buff effect.
  • Added 1 individual guild mission that can receive Guild EXP.

Added Debuff and Leap Skill to Ancestral Level Monsters.


Improved issue where the reason for failed purchase did not appear in Blue Salt Shop.