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Announcement on the NA & SA Servers Launching Schedule (edited 4/6)Event

2023-03-23 03:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
We are very happy and grateful to inform you that we are launching ArcheWorld in NA & SA region!
With everyone’s support, we will continue to do our best to make ArcheWorld leap forward to the world.

1. Launching Schedule
[Pre-registration Event]
  • [NA&SA] March 22nd (Wed) 23:00 ~ April 19th (Wed) 17:00 (UTC-4)
  • [ASIA] March 23rd (Thu) 11:00 ~ April 20th (Thu) 03:00 (UTC+8)
[Land NFTs Minting Commencement]
  • [NA&SA] April 9th (Sun) 23:00 (UTC-4)
  • [ASIA] April 10th (Mon) 11:00 (UTC+8)
[Server Open]
  • [NA&SA] April 19th (Wed) 21:00 (UTC-4)
  • [ASIA] April 20th (Thu) 09:00 (UTC+8)
2. Service Operation Plan by Server Region
  • You can use all services of any region with one ArcheWorld account, and you can select the region of the server you want to play directly on the official website.
[Official Website]
  • BSLT Deposit/Withdrawal, Coupon, Roulette, Fandom Card Staking, and Ticket services are operated individually by region.
3. Airdrop Benefits for Fandom Card NFT Holders in NA & SA Server
1) Airdrop 1 MEDIUM Land NFT in the 1st server of NA & SA region per 3 Fandom Card NFTs held.
2) Airdrop BSLT by adding the number and level of Fandom Card NFTs
   (Level 1: 100 / Level 2: 125 / Level 3: 150 / Level 4: 175 / Level 5: 200)

[Snapshot Schedule]
  • [NA&SA] On April 9th (Sun), within 11:00 ~ 11:15 (UTC-4)
  • [ASIA] On April 9th (Sun), within 23:00 ~ 23:15 (UTC+8)
[Airdrop Schedule]
  • [NA&SA] On April 21st (Fri), until 06:00 (UTC-4)
  • [ASIA] On April 21st (Fri), until 18:00 (UTC+8)
# Wallets not registered to an ArcheWorld account before the maintenance on April 20th (Thu) are not eligible for airdrops.

Thank you.