New beginning



ArcheWorld FactBookNotice

2023-04-19 22:00

Dear all global ArcheWorld users,
this is ArcheWorld.
Since the launch of ArcheWorld's Asia server on September 1st last year, a lot of things have happened in ArcheWorld.
Competing to other guilds with guild members and take Rifts, making a new family, 
building a house in my own Land, creating profits by BlueSalt Brotherhood Star.. 
ArcheWorld has grown along with your footsteps. 
To commemorate the opening of the service in the NA&SA region, 
we have prepared an infographic that helps users to see at a glance the time they have spent with ArcheWorld for the last 8 months. 
The infographic contains information that users will be interested in, such as the real estate king who owns the most land NFTs and the lease king who has the most number of leases. 
Keeping in mind once again that it is the users who are making ArcheWorld's system like this, 
We promise you that ArcheWorld will continue to strive for global success. 
Thank you.