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NA&SA Region <Achieve and Share the Reward> Event AnnouncementEvent

2023-04-21 10:05

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
NA&SA Region <Achieve and Share the Reward>
To celebrate the launch of NA&SA servers,
we are holding a NA&SA Region <Achieve and Share the Reward> Event!
Event Period

  • April 21st (Fri) ~ May 3rd (Wed) 23:00 (UTC+0), before the weekly maintenance starts.

  • All characters from NA&SA 1 and 2 servers

Event Details

  • According to the number of people who achieve each goal during the event period, total rewards will be divided equally and paid out (Achievement of each goal is recognized once per character)
  • Goal 1) Reach Ancestral Level 1 (20,000 BSLT)
  • Goal 2) Complete Achievement of Reaching 13,000 Equipment Points (20,000 BSLT)
  • Goal 3) Register ArcheLife for "New Start" ArchePass  (20,000 BSLT)
      * Reward distribution example: If there are a total of 20 characters who have completed Goal 1 (Reach Ancestral Level 1) 
        among all characters in the NA&SA server at the end of the event, 1,000 BSLT will be given per character 
Winner Announcement and Reward Grant Date

  • Within May 5th (Fri) 10:00 (UTC+0).

  • Achievement of each goal is counted on a “character” basis, and it is possible to achieve the same goals on two servers with one account.
  • The total amount of BSLT rewards for each goal applies to both server 1 and 2.
  • BSLT reward will be deposited directly into your account in the NA&SA region.