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Get Lucky from the Chest of Wealth!Event

2023-05-16 09:01

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<Get Lucky from the Chest of Wealth!>
Event Period

  • After maintenance on May 17th~ Before maintenance on May 31st (UTC+0, 2 weeks)

  • NA&SA 2 server

Event Details

  • 'Chest of Wealth’ can be purchased at the Blue Salt Shop during the event (100 BSLT per bundle of 10 chests / limited quantity of 15,000 bundles)
  • If you collect and use 200 'Land Airdrop Coupon: Chest of Wealth' items, you will randomly get one of the 'Standard/Medium/Large/Extra Large' Land Airdrop Tickets.
Chest of Wealth

  • When opening the Chest of Wealth, you will receive one of the items below with a random chance.
Category Item Name
Land Airdrop Coupon: Chest of Wealth
BSLT 15 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: Chest of Wealth
30 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: Chest of Wealth
1000 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: Chest of Wealth
10000 BSLT Airdrop Ticket: Chest of Wealth

Winner Announcement and Reward Grant Date

  • After the event ends, land airdrop winner announcement and land & BSLT will be airdropped within June 1st 10:00 (UTC+0).
Number of Land Airdrop Coupon Lottery Winner

Winner - Number Reward Item Name
1st – 1 person Extra Large Land NFT Airdrop
2nd – 2 people Large Land NFT Airdrop
3rd – 3 people Medium Land NFT Airdrop
4th – 4 people Standard Land NFT Airdrop

  • Chest of Wealth event items will be destroyed during the scheduled maintenance on May 31st (UTC+0).
  • In the case of an airdrop ticket, it is applied automatically as soon as it is obtained, and the higher the number of tickets obtained, the higher the chance of winning.
  • Even if you collect and use 200 land airdrop coupons to obtain a Land Airdrop Ticket, you will be included in the lottery based on the cumulative number of coupons obtained.
  • The reward Land is the system lot in NA&SA 2 server, and the target land may already have a tenant, and the current tenant may have a landowner after the reward distribution.
  • Players from other region or servers can participate in this mission by creating a new character in the NA&SA 2 server.