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Patch Note May 17, 2023 (added 5/18)Update

2023-05-17 23:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on May 17, 2023 below.


Added items related to the 'Get Lucky from the Chest of Wealth' Event.
  • You can check the details in the Event Notice.

Separated ASIA Server and NA/SA Servers' Archeum Wrapping Fee.
  • NA/SA Server's Archeum Wrapping Fee remains the same.
  • Adjusted ASIA Server's Archeum Wrapping Fee as shown below.
      - Adjusted Archeum: 5,000 Fee to 14%.
      - Adjusted Archeum: 10,000 Fee to 10%.
[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed: Translation error of certain language.
  • Fixed: Translation error of certain items. (added 5/18)
  • Fixed: Unclear quest description in certain language.