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Notice on Restricting the Use of Abnormal Activities (May 18) (edited) Notice

2023-05-18 01:54
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.


We always strive to provide our users with a more pleasant gaming environment.
We have penalized users who recently conducted abnormal in-game activities
by monitoring and investigating particular accounts.

The number of accounts permanently restricted by server is shown below. (edited 5/18)
[ASIA Server]

  • Total of 2,432 accounts restricted (Period: May 11th ~ May 16th (UTC+0))
[NA/SA Server]

  • Total of 5,092 accounts restricted (Period: May 11th ~ May 16th (UTC+0))
We promise to eradicate the usage of
abnormal in-game activities and illegal programs in gameplay.

Thank you.