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Patch Note May 24, 2023 (edited 5/25)Update

2023-05-24 23:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on May 24, 2023 below.


Added Equipment Item NFT Conversion System.
  • Characters over LV. 55 can proceed with NFT minting for equipment of 6T and over.
      - You can select Klaytn or Polygon Chain for the item minting.
  • Can trade NFT items through the NFT platform.
  • Can use the purchased NFT by converting it into an in-game item.
      - The NFT will be burned when converted into an item.
  • Certain amount of fee (BSLT) will be imposed during the NFT minting.
Improved the Type Conversion Scroll's icon to be recognized easily.

Added description on Item Grades Ranking's end date.
[Skyfin Nest War]

Changed relic's health to appear at all times in Skyfin Nest War.

Added Title Search feature.
Improved the chat system to only copy the chat on right-click.
Improved Humanity Check System.
  • The letters only show capitalized English and numbers, and can be distinguished by color.
Improved the mini-map and map magnification settings to save the last version.
Removed 'Medium' option in Graphics Quality Settings at Options. (added 5/25)
[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed: Chest of Wealth item description shown in Korean.
  • Fixed: Apprentice Priest's location at Kroloal Cradle Entrance.
  • Fixed: Class name shown wrong in certain language.
  • Fixed: Combat with Arkanis the Destroyer being reset at times.
  • Fixed: Arena's scoreboard appearing abnormal.
  • Fixed: Rowboats overlapping at Caernord area.
  • Fixed: Frame drop occurring when many Archeum Processing Stations are installed near the character.
  • Fixed: Not able to register for Item Grades Ranking on a certain time range despite the notice.