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ArcheWorld Character Server Transfer Service OpenNotice

2023-08-02 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
The ‘Character server transfer service’, that allows you to move characters between servers within the same region will be added..

1) Open Schedule
- After maintenance on August 10 (Thu), 2023

2) Subject
- Characters in NA/SA 1,2 server (transferrable only in same region)
  • Asia region is yet restricted, and restrictions will be lifted through a notice later.
3) How to Register
Website > xBlueSalt > Shop

4) Transfer Cost
300 BSLT (for 1 time)

5) Major Transfer Restrictions
  1. You should be Level 10 or higher, must leave the guild and family, and must not have a contracted land.
  2. You must not own any non-transferable items. (Blue Salt Brotherhood Star, housing blueprints, etc.) 
  3. The character must not exist on the server you are transferring to. (Limit of 1 character slot per server is maintained) 
  4. The current labor is applied based on the server, not the character. 
  5. Characters whose servers have been transferred cannot be re-transferred for 24 hours.
6) Remained Information
  • Level / Exp / Achievements / Quests 
  • Bag / Warehouse / Equipped Item / Gold / Archeum / Mail (Max. 1,000) 
  • Daily Contracts
7) Deleted Information
  • UCC / Time Seal and Title 
  • Instance Dungeon Sweep History / Ranks 
  • Community (Friends/Family/Guild)

With the upcoming server transfer service open, 
we wish you enjoy the thrill of meeting new people and other joys. 

Thank you.