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Patch Note September 6, 2023Update

2023-09-06 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on September 6, 2023 below.


Added ArcheLife system where you can receive various benefits through BSLT deposits.
  • ArcheLife can be inactivated 30 days after registration.
  • Changing to a higher ArcheLife level you can get the obtain the effect immediately by depositing additional amount.
  • 8 exclusive items including ArcheLife seals, chat icons and etc. are added.
  1. Recruit Board: Installing in the housing, you can enjoy contents such as Arena, Mistmerrow, raid and etc.
  2. 4 Instance Portal Generators: Installing in the housing, you can enter/sweep Instance Dungeons.
  3. New 3 types of Portal: Only available at certain ArcheLife level or higher.
  • All exclusive products are timed-items and require repurchase and installation when they are expired.
  1. If the ArcheLife level closes during the registered period, the functions will be inactivated.


Added new currency, 'Blue Archeum'.
  • Obtainable through Lumia Dispatch and sea contents.
  • Usable at craft, ship equipment upgrade, BSLT Brotherhood Star.
  • Added 'Blue Archeum: 5000' craft for trade.
Changed the quantity of Archeum required for 'Archeum:10000' craft.
  • 11,000 -> 10,500
Deleted 'Archeum: 5000' craft 

[Production Contents]

Added Production Activist Ranking.
  • Production points are earned when harvesting basic products, and they are stacked in the weekly Production Activist ranking.
  1. The Production Activist ranking is a manual registration, and can be registered through 'Ranking Registration Manager' located near each local community center.
  2. Consumes Archeum in the registration and the productions points in the season are automatically applied in the ranking.
  3. Production points are reset when the season ends.
  • You can obtain BSLT, 'Timed Seal', 'Production level', 'Wrapped Vocation Tome'.
  1. You can check the detailed Production level effect in the Vocation Grade button in the Character Info.
  2. 'Wrapped Vocation Tome' can be obtained by selecting the Vocation Tome you want.
  • Added 'Dawnsdrop Shovel'.
  1. You can obtain more production points with 'Dawnsdrop Shovel', which is a timed & effect equipment.
  2. 'Dawnsdrop Equipment' can be obtained from 'Dawnsdrop Equipment Pouch'.
  3. 'Dawnsdrop Equipment' can be crafted with 'Villager voucher'.
  4. If the period effect of 'Dawnsdrop Equipment' has expired, you can renew the effect period using the 'Dawnsdrop Scroll'.
  5. 'Dawnsdrop Equipment' can be dismantled into 'Dawnsdrop' with 'Dawnsdrop Dismantle Scroll' from the General Merchant.


Added new content, 'Lumia dispatch'.
  • Lumia dispatch can be registered/dispatched by activity through nameplate of a constructed house.
  • When you register Lumia and the supplement ships required for exploration, they are ready to dispatch.
  1. Lumia: Sets the efficiency of the dispatch area.
  2. Supplement item(ship): Expands the max. dispatchable area.
  3. Normal Fishing - Rowboat
  4. Sport Fishing - Fishing Boat
  5. Salvage - Schooner
  6. Sea Hunt - Clipper
  • In order to dispatch to a distant sea, you may need a good quality ship, and farther the sea, greater amount of rewards you will get.
Dispatch requires certain amount of cost, and you can receive the rewards by mail after completing dispatch.
  • When dispatch is succeeded, you will receive 'Blue Archeum' as a basic reward, and also can win a chance to obtain rare rewards.
  1. When dispatch is failed, no rewards can be obtained.
  • Depending on the size of the building, the number of Lumia operations that can be dispatched at the same time varies.

Added two types of 'Lumia Spirit' Design.

Added 'Lumia Egg' Design.
  • Lumia Egg can be crafted at Magic Supplies Workbench and will complete growth after a certain period of time after being planted in the land.
  • Upon completion of growth, you have a chance to obtain the following items:
  1. Faint Lumia Egg
  2. Radiant Lumia Egg
  3. Brilliant Lumia Egg
  • Lumia has random abilities and helps to operate efficiently in each dispatch area.

Added "Lumia Libaration Stone" item that can disintegrate Lumia.
  • Lumia Liberation Stone can be purchased with Gold from a general merchant.
  • Lumia Liberation Stone can be used on Lumia Egg and Lumia, and when used, Lumia Liberation Stone of the same tier is can be obtained.
  • Lumia Liberation Stone are used for crafting and have a chance of obtainging a higher tier Lumia.


  • The turbulence effect that occurs when using glide in the sea is removed and the effect of irregular sea breezes is changed.
  1. Decreased downhill by 50%
  • Added a weaking effect that occurs when a character falls into the sea.
  1. Decreased swimming speed by 50%, Received healing rate by 50%


Added Ship and ship equipment.
  • Changed the effect of "Ezi's Light" in Eznan Harbor and Austera Harbor.
  1. Drydock, ship summon and changing parts are only available with 'Ezi's Light Effect'.
  2. You can place drydock with ship blueprint at areas where ships can be built
  • Added 'Ezi's Light House' Desgin that allows you to summon a ship at a random location.
  1. 'Ezi's Light House' can only be placed on the ground.
  2. All party members can receive the 'Ezi's Light House' effect.
  • Added items and design for Ship Equipment.
  1. Added 'Shipyard Workbench' where you can craft items for Ship equipment near the harbor.
  2. Ship equipment can be upgraded to Heroic rank by 'Ship Equipment Enhance Scroll' and destroyed when upgrade fails.
  • Added 'Blue Shatigon's Sand' Design for repairing ships and ship equipment.
  1. When the ship is destroyed, all the installed ship equipment becomes destroyed status.
  2. Rpair costs vary depending on ship and equipment class.
  • Added 2 types of items required to use ship equipment skills.
  1. 'Shatigon's Essence', 'Shatigon's Gunpowder'


Added Strong Ancestral Monsters at certain islands in 'Castaway Strait'.
  • The monsters appear at certain times, and when defeated, you can obtain a 'package'.
  1. 'Island's Crystal Bundle', 'Bluefin Tuna Bundle'
  • 'Freshness' applies to two types of packages, and the amount of 'Blue Archeum' reward varies depending on the freshness when sold.
  1. Freshness can be maintained when loaded on a Fishing boat or Schooner.

Added 'Ghost Ship' and 'Delphinad Ghost Ship' in the "Castaway Strait".
  • 'Ghost Ship' appears at certain times, and when defeated, you can obtain 'Delphinad Relic: Stone Slab'.
  • As the number of 'Ghost Ship' kills stacks, a more powerful 'Delphinad Ghost Ship' appears.
  1. When defeated 'Delphinad Ghost Ship', you can obtain big amount of 'Delphinad Relic: Stone Slab'.
  • 'Freshness' applies to 'Delphinad Relic', and the amount of 'Blue Archeum' reward varies depending on the freshness when sold.
  1. Freshness can be maintained when loaded on a Schooner.

Added Eternal Sea raid monster, 'Kraken' in the "Castaway Strait".
  • If you sell a large amount of 'Delphinad Relic: Stone Slab' to Archeologist, you can summon the 'Kraken'.
  • When defeated Kraken, you can obtain 'Kraken's Treasure Chest' and 'Kraken Tentacle Bundle'
  1. When using 'Kraken's Treasure Chest', you can randomly obtain 'Kraken Soulstone' and 'Krarken's Soul Fragment'.
  2. 'Freshness' applies to 'Kraken Tentacle Bundle', and the amount of 'Blue Archeum' reward varies depending on the freshness when sold.
  • Added two types of design that require 'Krarken's Soul Fragment'.
  1. Illustrious Awakening Scroll, Kraken Soulstone Chest

Added Merchandise Buyer NPC.
  • Purchase backpacks obtained from the sea contents and exchange them with 'Blue Archeum'.
  1. 'Kraken Tentacle Bundle', 'Island's Crystal Bundle', 'Bluefin Tuna Bundle'
  • Merchandise Buyer are located in ports on neutral and peaceful zones of each continent.
  1. Neutral zones: Cinderstone Moor, Ynystere
  2. Peace zones: Solis Headlands, Villanelle
  • 'Marine Merchandise Buyer' located in neutral zones require slightly higher prices.

Added Archeologist NPC.
  • Purchase 'Delphinad Reli' and pay with 'Blue Archeum'.
  1. 'Delphinad Relic: Stone Slab'
  • Archeologist is located on a remote island in the 'Castaway Strait'


Added 7T Gale Equipment.

Added 'Illustrious Awakening Scroll'.
  • You can awaken 'Illustrious' equipment with 'Illustrious Awakening Scroll'.
The values of certain synthesis effect for some equipment is slightly increased.


Added new categories in Exchange.
  • Lumia, Soulstone, Ship
Added new function to check the daily price
  • Menu > Shop/Convenience > Prices


Changed the sorting rules when searching for guild members in the Community menu.


Added limited equipment points when recruiting applicants in the raid recruit/find function.
  • The method of the limited level/equipment points in the raid recruitment window has been changed.

[Skyfin Battle Field]

A penalty will be imposed if you cancel the entry into the Skyfin Battle Field.


The entry cancellation penalty has been slightly decreased.


Added 'September ArchePass' with 14 stages.

Added '1st Anniversary ArchePass' with 14 stages.

The registration deadline for June ArchePass has been set until the server maintenancne on September 28th.
  • Asia server only
The registration deadline for June ArchePass has been set until the server maintenancne on September 27th.
  • NA/SA server only


Added 'Fix item position' system, that allows you to fix the position of a certain item in the inventory.

Added Equipment score conditions to the dungeon entry and Teleport Book UI.

Added zoom in/out, rotation and plane movement functions to various previews.

Added 'Display Commander Chat in the Center of the Screen' to the 'Settings' - 'Options' - ' Functuality' category.
- When the 'Display Commander Chat in the Center of the Screen' is turned off, command chat will not be displayed in the center of the screen.

Expanded UI size adjustment option in the settings.
- Before: 80% / 90% / 100% / 110% / 120%
- After: 70% / 80%/ 90% / 100% / 110% / 120% / 130%
- The issue where 80% adn 90% of the existing UI size adjustment range was slightly larger than the applied ratio has also been fixed, and it may feel smaller than the previous size.

Added a space for shortcut key input to toggle optimization mode.
- 'Options' - 'Key Settings - 'Misc.' - 'Optimization On/Off'
- There is no default shortcut key and can be used after specifying an arbitrary shortcut key.

Applied different icon colors depending on the purchase limit settings of the BSLT Shop.

Added 'Mount' category in the Item Encyclopedia.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed: Copying time and character name when right clicking the text in the commander chat.
Fixed: Warehouse NPC's location in Arcum Iris.
Fixed: Error on effect when placing Rare Wooden Eagle Figure
Fixed: Halidom of War in Skyfin Battle Field occasionally returning.
Fixed: Resurrection penalties of inside and outside the Instance Dungeon overlapped. 
Fixed: The UI initialization when run for the first time.