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Information on the Additional Operation of Archeum Management ReserveNotice

2023-09-11 08:41
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
Through the Phase 3 update, the ArcheWorld team has moved away from the existing method of relying on Archeum production to monetize from land operations. The intention was to diversity the source of earnings and to add enjoyable element through addition of Labor /Production ranking/Lumia dispatch, etc.

However, even if the actual benefits are greater than before when the land is operated with maximum efficiency, new contents got some aspects where intuitiveness/convenience/sense of stability may be lacking compared to the existing method. Therefore, we would like to proceed with additional fund operation of the Archeum Management Reserve to help alleviate users' concerns.

  • Period: September 11th (Mon) after Blue Salt Shop maintenance ~ until further notice
  • Target: All characters on the entire server
  • Contents: Addition of stars from Blue Salt Store that can be purchased with Archeum

  Item    Payment   Price per
Daily Purchase Limit  
  per character
  (Increased amount)
12,500 Blue Salt Brotherhood Star Blue Archeum
1500 +1
13,000 Blue Salt Brotherhood Star Blue Archeum 1500 +1

Thank you.