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Patch Note September 13, 2023Update

2023-09-13 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on September 13, 2023 below.


Increased the craft result amount of Blue Shatigon's Sand from 30 -> 50


Added a tutorial Lumia dispatch area where you can dispatch 'Rowboat' acquried from the quest.


Added system to make the entry not cancelled even if the ECS key is pressed when confirming acceptance of entry.

[Instance Dungeon]

Added 'Sweep Box' and 'Incomplete Archeum Shard' in the reward box, acquired from Instance Dungeon.


Improved the transparency of the guidance message UI in the center of the screen to be displayed naturally.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed: Corrected typos in some of the hints displayed on the loading screen.
Fixed: An error occured when crafting 'Illustrious Awakening Scroll'.
Fixed: An error where lanterns and fruits in Gweonid Forest gave unnecessary buffs.
Fixed: An error where the number of Lumia dispatches per stage in ArcheLife benefits was not applied properly.