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Patch Note October 18, 2023Update

2023-10-18 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on October 18, 2023 below.


Added new monsters to the Guild conquest area 'Mistmerrow'
  • Added a special quest that can be performed in the area.


Adjusted the entry time of Arena.

Adjusted the entry time of 3vs3 Arena(Team).

[Blue Archeum Shop]

Added Blue Archeum Shop
  • Accessible through the store UI button at the bottom of the screen.


Changed the skill cooldown of the 'Labor Recovery' item to 1 second.

Changed the maximum number of stacks of the 'Flaming Pinion' item from 100 to 1,000

[Daily Schedule]

Added Economic 2 activities: 'Exchange' in the Daily Schedule

[BlueSalt Shop]

Products purchased at the BlueSalt Shop with goods other than BSLT will be received directly in the bag without going through mail box.
  • If the bag is full, it will be sent to your mailbox.(Fixed)


Improved the explanatory text displayed when hovering over the Bag > Equipment Repair button.

Improved the description text regarding ArcheLife Remove.

The content information banner UI for the 'Kadum raid' and 'Skyfin Battlefield' will pop up 10 minutes before the start time.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed: an error where the boat's HP did not decrease when using boat skills after summoning the boat for the first time.