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Patch Note November 15, 2023Update

2023-11-15 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on November 15, 2023 below.


Added 6 types of Lumia and Ship related quests
Improved 'Purchase a bed' quest during the BSLT Shop tutorial to make it easier to accept.


Started ArcheWorld Settlement Support event!
  • You can acquire timed equipment, mount and glider through quest items provided when creating a new character.
[Skyfin Battlefield]

Improved the Skyfin Battlefield
  • Changed the system to accumulate team scores, and added monsters and tribute contents that can increase the score.
  • In addition to team win/loss/draw compensation, additional compensation will be granted based on the individual's score.


Lowered the Kraken's HP.


Added home slot machine.
  • The machine can be placed in a building and used for 30 days.
  • The machine is 10x exclusive.
  • You can exchange Archeum for Dice of Sun chips at home slot machine.
Adjusted 'Another Day of Sunshine: Normal' quest to be accepted from the Tent building. (Added 11/15)
  • Improved the reward of the 'Another Day of Sunshine: Grand ~ Heroic' quests.