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Blue Salt Brotherhood's Treasure Chest EventEvent

2024-01-31 21:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Following the Special gift for ArcheLife event, we are opening 'Blue Salt Brotherhood's Treasure Chest Event'! for ArcheLife registered users!

Please refer to the details below regarding the event.

Event Period

  • After maintenance on Feb. 1st - Before maintenance on Feb. 15th

  • Users who registered ArcheLife level 1-5
Event Details

  • During the event period, ‘Blue Salt Brotherhood's Treasure Chest’ can be purchased at the BlueSalt Shop (number of purchases varies by stage)
  • Purchases of lower level quantities are possible (e.g. ArcheLife level 3 users can purchase up to 60 units per day)

Blue Salt Brotherhood's Treasure Chest

  • Price : 1 bundle(10) 100 BSLT
  • Upon opening, you can randomly obtain one of the items below.

  ArcheLife Level     Number of Purchases available a day     Number of stacked purchases available a day  
1 1 10
2 2 30
3 3 60
4 4 100
5 5 150

  Conqueror's Awakening Scroll   Brilliant Lumia Egg Ancestral's Token: Rank 2

Sunlight Protection Stone

  StarlightProtection Stone  

  MoonlightProtection Stone  

Magnificent Lucky Scroll

Illustrious Lucky Scroll

Conqueror’s Lucky Scroll

10 Gold Pouch*5

10 Gold Pouch*3

10 Gold Pouch

XP Potion*5

XP Potion*3

XP Potion

Ancestral’sToken: Rank 1

Honor Token Crate


Thank you.