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Patch Note February 7, 2024Update

2024-02-07 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on February 7, 2024 below.

[Ancestral Skills]

Improved the issue where damage of some of Ancestral Awakening Skills was applied higher than intended.

[Teleport Book]

Added 'Community Center' tab in the Teleport Book.
  • Spot records are basically available for all community centers.
  • +Known bug: an error where 'Recall' to Community Center is not properly working. Please use Teleport to Community Center until the bug is fixed.


Increased the HP value given as ArcheLife's max HP benefit.
  • ArcheLife level 1: 500 → 1,000
  • ArcheLife level 2: 1,000 → 2,000
  • ArcheLife level 3: 1,500 → 3,000
  • ArcheLife level 4: 2,500 → 5,500
  • ArcheLife level 5: 4,000 → 9,000

[Lot Management]

Improved Furniture management UI
  • You can easily check the status of Archeum workbench and remaining time.
  • You can check the placement status of Functional Furniture by clicking magnifying glass button.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed: Mend All - an error where recovery amount was applied abnormally when using transform skills on friendly targets.
Fixed: Freezing Arrow - an error where some of the tooltips for the transform skill were missing.
Fixed: Flamebolt - an error where the damage of some Awakening skills was displayed incorrectly in the skill tooltip.
Fixed: some of details in Ancestral Skill tooltips.
Fixed: an error where the ArcheLife timer icon was displayed abnormally when running in Portuguese.
Fixed: an error where the installation quantity of functional furniture was omitted from the special furniture information when changing buildings.
Fixed: an error where the Rift Boss NPC in Hellswamp did not appear.
Fixed: Mana consumption rate on some of Ancestral Skills
  • Battlerage
  1. Tripple Slash: Transform
  • Archery
  1. Endless Arrows: Awakening, Transform
  2. Charged Bolt: Awakening, Transform
  3. Fending Arrow: Awakening, Transform
  4. Concussive Arrow: Awakening, Transform
  5. Snipe: Awakening, Transform
  6. Missile Rain: Awakening, Transform
  7. Blazing Arrow: Awakening, Transform