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Patch Note March 6, 2024Update

2024-03-06 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on March 6, 2024 below.


Added material replacement function to the Folio UI.
  • If you have resources that can be replaced for craft, the Replace Material button is activated.
Added Sealed functional furiture craft that you can select the desired functional furniture.

Added Reseal craft that you can reseal and obtain the functional furniture.
  • You can convert it to Blue Archeum by using/selling at the shop.
Added 'Condensed XP Potion' craft.

[Combat Balance]

The probability of invalidity occuring according to the combat level gap has been adjusted.


Added 'March ArchePass' consisting of 14 tiers.

The registration deadline for December ArchePass is set until server maintenance on 28th March.

- Asia server only

The registration deadline for December ArchePass is set until server maintenance on 27th March.
- NA/SA server only

Added new mission: 'Complete Local Quest' in the 'ArchePass - Appeal of Growth'.


Lowered the shop selling price of Expedition Debris items to 1/10th.


Expanded the maximum amount of labor a character can have to 100,000.

[Local Requests]

Added 'Bundle of Unidentified Local Requests' that you can purchase at the Guild Prestige Shop.
  • You can accept the regional hunting quests by opening 'Bundle of Unidentified Local Requests'.
  • The regional conflict level increases depending on the number of hunting quests completed in each region.


Added '3 types of Decorative Furniture'.
  1. 'Elf Girl Standup Portrait'
  2. 'Elf Boy Standup Portrait'
  3. 'Nuian Boy Standup Portrait'


Changed the design and location of the raid instance exit and re-entry buttons.

[Gladiator Arena]

Added rewards for Gladiator Arena(Team)
  • BSLT and seals are awarded every week based on ranking.

[BlueSalt Shop]

Changed the BlueSalt Brotherhood Star exchange cost at the BlueSalt Shop from 1,500 to 1,800 Blue Archeum.

Adjusted BlueSalt Brotherhood Star equipment purchase limit to 18,000 - 30,500.

[Mysterical Blue Archeum Shop]

Adjusted the prices of all items in 'Mysterical Blue Archeum Shop'.

Added 'Arcane Skillbook Box' to the 'Mysterical Blue Archeum Shop'.

[Bug Fixes ]

Fixed: an error where the NFT tab could not be uploaded from the Crest Printer.
Fixed: an error where the funtional furniture information UI was called at an awkward loaction in some resolutions.
Fixed: an error where searching by classification in the Teleport was not available.