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Daru's Lucky Pouch Event!Event

2024-03-06 21:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

The ArcheWorld's resourceful Daru, prepared the 'Daru's Lucky Pouch Event!

Please refer to the details below regarding the event.

Event Period

  • After maintenance on Mar. 6th - Before maintenance on Mar. 20th
Event Details

  • ‘Daru’s Lucky Pouch’ can be purchased differently at the BSLT Shop depending on the equipment score(100 BSLT per bundle of 10)
  • Cumulative purchases of lower level quantities are possible (e.g., a user with 24,000 equipment points can purchase up to 100 units per day)

Daru's Lucky Pouch

  • Price : 1 bundle(10 units) 100 BSLT
  • Upon opening, you can randomly obtain one of the items below.
  Equipment Score     Number of Purchases available a day     Number of stacked purchases available a day  
18,000 10 10
20,000 20 30
22,000 30 60
24,000 40 100
26,000 50 150

  Conqueror's Awakening Scroll   Brilliant Lumia Egg Arcane Skillbook Box
Ancestral's Token: Rank 2 Kraken's Soul Fragment Yellow Archeum Core
Ancestral's Token: Rank 1 Brilliant Rift Stone Bright Rift Stone

Sunlight Protection Stone

  StarlightProtection Stone  

  MoonlightProtection Stone  

Illustrious Lucky Scroll*5

Illustrious Lucky Scroll*3

Conqueror’s Lucky Scroll*1

XP Potion*5

XP Potion*3

XP Potion

Purple Archeum Core

Honor Token Crate


Thank you.