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Patch Note March 13, 2024Event

2024-03-13 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on March 13, 2024 below.


Adjusted the schedule for 'Kadum Raid' and 'Skyfin Battlefield' from twice a day to once a day.
  • Due to the schedule reduction, the reward amounts for 'Kadum raid' and 'Skyfin Battlefield' has increased.

[Craft ]

Added a craft design to use Lumia, Glider and Sealed Mount to re-summon them into any Lumia, Glider and Sealed Mount of the same grade.

Changed the craft design that in addition to Grand Monster Soulstones, Rare/Arcane/Heroic Soulstones can also be used as materials for 'Refine Rare Lunastone'.

[Gladiator Arena ]

Increased the equipment score limit to enter Gladiator arena(1:1) and Gladiator Arena(Team)
  • Gladiator Arena(1:1): 15,000
  • Gladiator Arena(Team): 16,000

[BlueSalt Shop ]

Ended the sale of Faint Rift Rift Stone


Added kill count notation to the unit frame mouse over menu.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed: an error where the number of entries to the Gladiator arena was not reset properly in some cases.