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Patch Note March 20, 2024Event

2024-03-20 21:00

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Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on March 20, 2024 below.


Added Lunagem slot for all equipment items.
  • The number of Lunagem stone slots is fixed depending on the grade of the equipment.
  1. Basic - 1 slot
  2. Grand - 2 slots
  3. Rare - 3 slots
  4. Arcnae - 4 slots
  5. Heroic - 5 slots
  6. Unique - 6 slots
  7. Celestial - 7 slots
  8. Divine - 8 slots
  • When the grade drops due to item awakening, the previously equipped Lunagem is maintained.
  1. e.g.) If you equipped 4 Lunagem at Arcane grade and then become Grand by Awakening, 4 Lunagem will still be remained.
  2. However, if a Lunagem is extracted in the above case, it cannot be used because the extracted slots exceed the number of slots fixed for the corresponding grade.
  • Lunagem extract
  1. You can extract a certain Lunagem mounted on the equipment.
  2. However, if you extract a Lunagem that cannot be extracted, the Lunagem will be removed.
  3. Mornstone can be purschased from the Merchant.

Added 11 types of Lunagem that can be mounted for each equipment.
  • The success rate of Lunagem varies depending on the quantity equipped, and if the mount fails, all Lunagem already equipped are removed.
  1. You can check the equip success rate in the Lunagem Enchancement UI.
  2. Equipment score increases when equipped a Lunagem.
  • Equipment parts
  1. 4 types of Fireglow Lunagem - Weapon(Right hand, Left hand, Two-hands, Ranged)
  2. 4 types of Galeglow Lunagem - Instrument
  3. 1 type of Earthglow Lunagem - Armor
  4. 1 type of Copperglow Lunagem - Cloak
  5. 1 type of Waveglow Lunagem - Accessory

Added 5 craft recipies.
  • Lunagem can be crafted at the 'Magic Supplies Workbench' using Blue Archeum, Labor and 'Lunarite'.
Added new material 'Lunarite'
  • Lunarite is obtainable from:
  1. Treasure Chest of Void
  2. Instance Dungeon Treasure Chest
  3. Instance Dungeon Treasure Chest(Sweep)
  4. Kadum Raid's Crate
  5. Skyfin Battle field Crate
Added Lunagem in the Item Encyclopedia.

[Item ]

Adjusted the usage level of basic XP Potion and condensed XP Potion.
  • XP Potion: Level 30
  • Condensed XP Potion: Ancestral level 1