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Patch Note March 27, 2024Event

2024-03-27 21:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on March 27, 2024 below.

[Skill Balance]

Archery: Added new stackable reinforcement effect to Feral Claws, the 4th passive skill of Archery.
  • Up to 50 stacks, Ranged Attack +6.0 per stack (Max up to 300)
  • Changed the Archery combat resource.

Adjusted skill balance of certain class as follows.
  • Sorcery
  1. Decreased the damage rate of Flamebolt, Freezing Arrow, Arc Lightning and God's Whip. (Basic/Transform)
  • Battlerage
  1. Increased the damage rate of Behind Enemy Lines. (Basic/Awakening/Transform)

Lowered the character's default healing rate to 50%.

Changed the recovery amount of HP potions to a certain amount regardless of the healing effect applied to the character.


Added Unidentified Grand/Rare Skillbook craft recipe that can be used to obtain skills using 'Rfit Stone' as a material.
  • If you dismantle Skillbook, you can obtain 'Faint/Bright Rift Stone'.
  • 'Skillbook Fragment' and 'Librarian's Quill' are being discontinued. You can obtain 'Rift Stone' using discontinued items.
  • 'Restored Skillbook Box' and 'Skillbook Selection Box' are deleted from the craft recipe.
  • Skillbook Fragement and Box are no longer obtainable from the pouch and chest.

Slightly increased the probability of obtaining the 'Arcane Skillbook Box' from the 'Box of Twisted Rift'.


Added Battlefield Cloak: Rank 17-21. (Planned on April 4th)
  • Added Arcane/Heroic/Unique/Celestial Battlefield Awakening/Repair Scroll.
  • From level 17, the grade increases with each level, and you can go up to 'Divine' grade at level 21.
[Bug Fixes ]

Fixed: an error where the mount soul stone was not applied to arcane Cargo/Marine mounts.
Fixed: an error where the description of the Kadum raid was displayed incorrectly.
Fixed: an error where the chat tab order was not saved properly in certain situations.