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Patch Note  May 30, 2024Event

2024-05-30 05:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on May 30, 2024 below.

[Magnus of Vengeance]

Added new raid 'Magnus of Vengeance' dungeon.

Adjusted the Instance schedule as new raids are added.
  • Kadum: Tue, Fri 22:00 ~ 22:30
  • Skyfin Battlefield: Wed, Sat 22:00 ~ 22:30
  • Magnus: Thu, Sun 22:00 ~ 22:30

Added 'Stolen Ancient Stone Slab' quest.
  • You can accept the quest from the 'Archeologist' at Marianople and Austera.

Added 'Magnus Raid's Crate'.
  • By participating in 'Magnus of Vengeance', you can obtain the 'Magnus Raid's Crate' as a reward following your rank.

[Skyfin Battlefield]

Reorganized the reward to point rewards(kills, assistance, etc.) for 'Skyfin Battlefield'.

Removed 'Faint Rift Stone' and 'Lunarite' in the 'Skyfin Battlefield' rewards.

Increased the score of 'kill assistance' and decreased the score of 'heal assistance'.

Added 'Raid Ore' item.
  • You can obtain 'Raid Coin' by using 'Raid Ore'.
  • 'Raid Ore' can be obtained through score rewards in 'Skyfin Battlefield'.


Changed the equipment item that it can be enhanced up to +20.

Added Radiant Enhance/Protection/Absolute stones usable in +10 - +19 enhancement.

Changed the World message informing of the success in enhancing level +18 or higher.

Chagned the cost and acquisition quantity of Blue Shatigon's Sand.

Changed the effect of Lunastone to be applied to Ancestral skills as well.

[BlueSalt Brotherhood Star]

Changed exchange cost to 6,000 Archeum & 3,000 Blue Archeum.

Adjusted the equipment point purchase limit to 15,000 to 38,000.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed: a typo in the description of enchancement stone item.
Fixed: an error
where crops could not be installed in some areas of the parcel.