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Patch Note  June 20, 2024Event

2024-06-20 05:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on May 30, 2024 below.

[Item - Lunafrost]

Added Lunafrost, a Lunagem that can be equipped on Armor, Underwear and Cloak.
  • Lunafrost has individual and set effects.

Added Armor Lunafrost in the Encyclopedia.


Removed Faint/Rare Lunastone craft in the recipe.

Added Basic, Grand, Rare, Heroic Lunastone Selection Chest.
  • You can obtain the certain type of Lunastone that you want from the Lunastone Selection Chest.

[BlueSalt Shop]

Added "Incomplete Archeum Shard: 5,000" item exclusive for ArcheLife.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed: an error where the Magnus would not intermittently not function properly in the Magnus of Vengeance Instance.
Fixed: an error
where the re-acceptance was not possible when giving up on the "The Last Stone Slab Fragment's Location" quest.
  • You can re-accept the quest through 'Seer's Chest' located in the area where you first accepted the quest(near the Gweonid commercial district).