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Patch Note  June 27, 2024Event

2024-06-27 05:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on June 6, 2024 below.


Updated additional entry times for 'Skyfin Battlefield', 'Kadum raid' and 'Magnus of Vengeance'.

[Instance - Skyfin Battlefield]

Skyfin Battlefield will also be held on Monday.

Increased the entry equipment point for 'Skyfin Battlefield'.

Changed the play time of 'Skyfin Battlefield' to 15 minutes.

Made the match making time of 'Skyfin Battlefield' faster.

ArcheLife users can obtain additional 'Raid Coin' rewards for each level when participating in 'Skyfin Battlefield'.

Placed a portal that allows movement from each team's spawn point to their team's camp.
  • Spawns when the army of Kyrios appears.
Adjusted the Bhiskia artifact enhancement buff to 6 mintues in 'Skyfin Battlefield'.

Added Death Streak enhancement buff in the 'Skyfin Battlefield'.
  • The Death Streak buff is only acquired when an you are killed and can stack up to 10 times.
  • When obtaining an enhancement effect, the combat level, maximum HP, melee/sorcery/archery damage rate and healing rate increase.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed: an error where Rare and Heroic Lunastone Selection Boxes were not crafted with some alternative items.
Fixed: a typo in the dialogue of a specific quest NPC.