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Notice on upcoming July updateEvent

2024-06-27 08:44

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

We would like to inform you of the updates scheduled for July.


1) Increase in attack and healing power following the combat level
- As the combat level increases, the power rate also increases.

2) Decrease in invalidity occuring in each section of combat level gap
- 10cl 40% / 20cl 70% / 30cl 90% / 40cl 100%

3) Increase in ArcheLife benefits
- Additional 'Raid Coin' from 'Kadum & Magnus' raid following the ArcheLife level. (6/27 for Skyfin Battle field)
- Increased the combat level benefit for 'ArcheLife level 5'. (3 → 5)


1) 5vs5 Drill Camp Arena open
- Characters with an equipment score of 19,000 or more can participate without limit from 08:00 to 20:00(KST) every day.
- The team with the highest score for 10 minutes of relics and turrets destroyed and kills wins. (Death Streak function applied)

2) Ranking System Improvement
- The 1vs1 & 3vs3 gladiator and drill camp arena ranking scores are changed to ‘increase upon victory / decrease upon defeat’.
- When a user with a lower section score wins against a user with a higher section score, he or she can earn more points.

3) Real time Instance entry
- Convenience will be improved so that you can apply for real-time entry to all instances from anywhere through the UI menu. (Excluding dungeons that can be cleared)
- Daily quests given in the gladiator arena can be accepted by purchasing them as items.


1) New Race: Dward open!
- The character creation limit slot will be expanded to two, and it will also be possible to change the appearance of existing characters through the race appearance change ticket item.

2) New support event for New/Returning players
- ‘Level Up Jumping Ticket + T5 Limited Time Equipment’ will be provided so that you can quickly and easily experience ArcheWorld’s various contents.
- ArchELife users are provided with an additional timed 6T Illustrious weapon selection.

3) Special ArchePass
- To help new/returning users settle in, various rewards are provided, including the ‘Goddess’ Awakening Scroll Box’ needed to create complete equipment.

4) Box Boom Event
- You can obtain items helpful for the growth by consuming Blue Archeum.


1) Sport Fishing Ranking
- The ranking is calculated by counting the number of fish sold through Sport Fishing.

2) Daily Quest for Sport Fishing
- Added in the Daily Quest menu and you can obtain Blue Archeum as reward.

3) Special event to get Avatar item
- You can acquire items such as furniture, costumes, emotional expressions, and weapon appearances by participating in in-game content such as Sport fishing and monster hunting.

4) Improvement in Heroic Glider
- The damage of unique skills is greatly increased, the use distance is increased from 30m to 60m, and the cooldown is reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute.
- Burning Rift: 1% HP damage every second for 5 seconds -> 5% stamina damage every second for 5 seconds (maximum 5 people, fall chain effect)
- Ice Cage: Instant 3% HP damage -> Instant stamina 15% damage (up to 5 people, freeze chain effect)

Lists currently under consideration or undergoing further development as high priority

1) Groa(Auto Loot)
2) Trade(Cart&Vehicle)
3) New Class: Gunslinger
4) Noryette Dungeon with 5 people a team (PvE)

Please understand that the above contents and schedule may change during the development process.

Thank you.