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Patch Note  July 4, 2024Event

2024-07-04 05:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on July 4, 2024 below.

[Combat Level]

As the combat level increases, melee attack, archery attack, spell, healing power increase. (edited)
  • The higher the combat level, the larger the increase.
Adjusted the probability of invalidity for each combat level gap section.
  • Level 10 40% / Level 20 70% / Level 30 90% / Level 40 100%

[Instance - Skyfin Battlefield]

Changed the reward of Skyfin Battlefield.
  • Added 'Raid Coin' and 'Honor Token' to the win/loss rewards and increased the amount of 'Incomplete Archeum Shards' reward.
  • Deleted kill & assistance reward. (Points are still obtainable)
  • 'Raid Coin' have been added as rewards for each score ranking.


ArcheLife users can obtain additional rewards of 'Raid Coin' at each stage when participating in 'Kadum' and 'Magnus' raid.

Increased the combat level stats for ArcheLife Level 5. (3 → 5)


Added 'July ArchePass' consisting of 14 tiers.

Changed the registration deadline of April ArchePass until the server maintenance on July 25th.