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Scheduled AlphaPass Test Announcement (edited 08.09)Notice

2022-07-21 09:01

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
AlphaPass Test will begin starting from July 28th(Thu).

Please refer to the details below for the schedule and participation condition.


  • Period : July 28th(Thu), 2022 14:00 UTC+8 ~ August 11th(Thu), 2022 10:00 UTC+8
Who Can Participate

  • ArcheWorld global accounts with AlphaPass NFT that have completed wallet verification
※ Note: If you have multiple AlphaPass NFTs in your wallet, the most recently acquired NFT will be locked up first.
ex) If you acquire tradable NFTs later while holding non-tradable NFTs, the tradable NFTs are consumed and locked up when you access the Alpha Pass test. (Applied only to the first connection.)

Condition and Reward

  • Condition : Accounts who have reached the final level of ArchePass available during AlphaPass
  • Reward : 300 BSLT provided


  • When it comes to the acts of Operational Policy violation, test qualification may be paused or the account may be restricted.
  • Game play information used for AlphaPass Test may be reset at the end of AlphaPass Test period
  • No data recovery is provided during the AlphaPass Test period.
  • If you have any inquires, please contact us through Ticket.
  • You can participate only if you have AlphaPass NFT in the verified wallet in your account, and the NFT used for access will be locked up immediately.
  • In the test server, deposit/withdrawal of BSLT is limited, and 3,000 BSLT per account will be given for testing at the very first access. (The BSLT will disappear after test ends)
  • Land NFT ownership information is recognized, and buildings can be installed or leased. (However, the test BSLT rent is not settled and will expire.)
  • During the Alpha Pass period, Test-exclusive ArchePass can only be able to fulfill.
    When all missions including premium missions are completed, 300 BSLT, which can be used for the official launch, will be paid as a reward.
  • You can purchase Building Designs and Clothes at the Bluesalt Shop, and basic furniture and Hereafter Stone from the General Merchant.
  • Only one character can be created per server, and a character can lend only one system land. However, user-owned land can be leased without a limit on the number of leases.
    (The rent fee applied to the Alpha Pass test version is set at 1/3 of the the rental period and rental fee of official launch.)
  • Before pressing the game start button, you can change the language setting through the menu on the top right of the patcher.