July, 28th 2022 ArcheWorld AlphaPass Test starts!

Get ready for
AlphaPass Test!

Don't miss the chance to get AlphaPass NFT,
tBORA and Arche goods.

01AlphaPass NFT Airdrop for ArcheWorld NFT holders

AlphaPass NFT (2nd transaction possible) will be airdropped to
the holders of the ArcheWorld official Fandom Card NFT within 18:00 (UTC+9) on July 7, 2022 (THU)
- Snapshot schedule: July 7, 2022 (THU) 00:00 (within 15 minutes)(UTC+9)

※ ArcheWorld official Fandom Card NFT can be obtained from BORA Market and OpenSea.

What is AlphaPass NFT?

  • It's a NFT that proves the right to participate in the AlphaPass test of ArcheWorld service in Asian region.
  • Holders can activate the test accounts using the NFT via a wallet verified
    on their ArcheWorld account.
  • During the test period, if you complete the ArchePass mission exclusive for AlphaPass test,
    you can obtain BSLT as a reward that can be used in the official release.

02Complete the mission and get AlphaPass NFT and gifts!

Extended Event Schedule: June 27th(Mon), 2022 ~ July 25th(Mon), 2022 12:00(Noon, UTC+9)

  • Mission 1

    Sign Up ArcheWorld and
    Verify Wallet

  • Mission 2

    Join ArcheWorld and
    BORA Official Discord Channel

  • Mission 3

    Submit Application Form

Mission Complete Gift
  • AlphaPass NFT
    (Secondary transaction prohibited)
    • 125 people per week
    • 25 applicants will be given priority among those who certified their equipment score at the time of application
    • Rewards will be given within 2 days of the announcement date
  • 100 tBORA
    • 20 people per week
    • Rewards will be given within 7 days of the announcement date
  • ArcheWorld Goods Gift Set (Items: Moo Lamy ballpoint pen/ Hoodie/ Moo Tumbler/ Bag/ Leather Desk Mat)
    • 5 people per week
Accounts signed up before the event period will also be included in the drawing list if they submit Google form applications.
After announcing the winners for each week's Mission Completion Event, non-winners will be automatically included in the next week's draw.
Once selected as winner, you will be excluded from the drawing list of same reward. However, it is possible to win other rewards.
If you enter invalid information or do not submit the Google Form application, you will be excluded from the drawing list of Mission Completion Event.
The wallet to receive rewards cannot be changed after filling out and submitting the Google Form application.
The deadline of Google Form submission is 12:00 (UTC+9) every Monday.
ArcheWorld Goods Gift Sets will be shipped after winners submitting the recipient addresses through the winner announcement page within one week. Delivery arrival time may be delayed depending on the schedule of the shipping company. If the address is not submitted within the period, the event prize will be cancelled.
The winners for the Mission Completion Event will be annnounced in the ArcheWorld Discord channel.