Asia 2 Server Pre-registration

Get gifts and start a shining adventure with your friends!

Period: June 14th, 2023 (Wed) ~ July 5th, 2023 (Wed) 19:00 (UTC+0)

pre-register and get a welcome gift box!

Sign up in ArcheWorld
Verify wallet
Click 'Pre-register'

Asia 2 Server Welcome Gift Box Upon opening, items below can be acquired.
Labor Potion: 100 Regen 100 Labor
Refined Archeum: 300 Archeum refined from the Archeum Brazier
Bound Unidentified Grand Infusion x10 An infusion with unidentified power
You can check the hidden infusion by using Labor
Reward grant: Grant via Coupon menu after maintenance on official launch date.

Submit your friend's Invitation Code and get archeum brazier!

How can I get a friend's invitation Code?

Join ArcheWorld Discord server and request an invitation code.


Invitation Code registration reward

Archeum Brazier x10Archeum refining tool

Reward grant: Grant via Coupon menu after maintenance on official launch date.

Invite friends and receive various gifts!

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Recommend ArcheWorld to your friends.
The more friends who registered your Invitation Code, the more gifts!

  • Invited 1 friend
    Bound Hereafter Stone
  • Invited 3 friends
    10 Gold Coin Pouch
  • Invited 6 friends
    Anywhere Warehouse
    (30 days)
    Summons the Warehouse keeper Daru
  • Invited 10 or
    more friends
    15 Days
    Glass Phoenix


BSLT airdrop for those who invited friends the most!

  • 1st
    3,000 BSLT(ASIA)
  • 2nd
    2,000 BSLT(ASIA)
  • 3rd
    1,000 BSLT(ASIA)


Invite 10 friends and receive 500 BSLT through raffle!

  • Airdrop
    500 BSLT(ASIA)
    20 People
After the maintenance on the launching day, the rewards will be given through Coupon menu and your account in Asia region.
Refer to below for the event period in time zones of ASIA and NA & SA server.
- [UTC-4] June 14th (Wed) 19:00 ~ July 5th (Wed) 15:00
- [UTC+8] June 15th (Thu) 07:00 ~ July 6th (Thu) 03:00
Please be aware that you can register only one wallet per account and it cannot be replaced after registration.
Event reward items will be given as coupon(once per account) and can only be used in Asia region servers.
The coupon is valid for 30 days from the day it is given, and after the period, it will be deleted and cannot be restored.
BSLT for the event reward will be deposited directly to the verified wallet in the ArcheWorld account in Asia region. Please take care of the registered wallet, as further action is not possible when lost.
All event items are bound upon acquisition and cannot be moved or restored.
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ArcheWorld Invitation Code submission is completed. On July 5th, start an adventure
shining like a star with your friends.