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Basic Materials

In ArcheWorld, basic materials (Log, Ore, Skein, etc.) can be obtained through production activities at each lot.
Seed, Woodlot, Pen items required for production activities can be purchased from NPCs at each bases of villages and lots.

Item List of Livestock Merchant NPC and Seed and Sapling Merchant NPC

Category Item
Flower Rose Vanilla Saffron Thistle
Livestock Pig Yata Turkey Blizzard Bear
Plant Rice Millet Wheat Barley
Sapling Cedar Rubber Tree Maple Aspen
Ore Sharpwind Mining Drill
※ The items and their prices on the list may be subject to change through updates.

Obtainable Items According to Category
Category Basic Grand
Flower Skein Strong-scented Herb Soil
Livestock Fresh Meat
Plant Savory Flavored Grain
Sapling Log Sap
Ore Lump of Ore Mineral Crystal

Processed Materials

Processed materials can be crafted with materials produced by primary production activity.
Process materials at bases of each region, or you can purchase 'Multipurpose Workbench' from Furniture Merchant NPC to install it in your building.
Processed materials can be used for various purposes, such as crafting character upgrading items and furnitures of buildings.
Item Name Workbench Crafting Materials
Processed Fabric Multipurpose Workbench 5 Skeins
Processed Lumber 5 Logs
Processed Ore 5 Lump of Ores

Building Materials

Below are the list of materials required for contructing buildings that can be crafted with Processed materials and Grand materials.
Item Name Where to Obtain Costs for Crafting or Purchasing
Tent Construction Material General Merchant 3 Gold 5 Silver
Bag of Processed Lumber Lumber Workbench 50 Processed Lumbers
Bag of Processed Ingot Smelter 50 Processed Ores
Bag of Processed Fabric Weaving Loom 50 Processed Fabrics
Finishing Touches Bundle Processing Workbench 1 Processed Ore, 1 Processed Lumber, 1 Processed Fabric,
15 Mineral Crystals, 15 Saps, 15 Soils

Special Material - Shatigon's Crystal

Shatigon's Crystal, which is a Special material, is required in various contents such as upgrading characters / equipments / mounts, crafting furnitures, etc.
Shatigon's Crystal can be obtained with Shatigon's Ore.
Shatigon's Ore can be crafted at bases of each cities or Magic Supplies Workbench that can be placed in buildings.
  • Folio(O) - Process materials - Special materials
  • Grades: Basic > Grand > Rare > Arcane > Heroic > Unique
Shatigon's Ore
Shatigon's Ore can be crafted with Processed materials(Processed Lumber, Processed Ore, Processed Fabric).
Upon using Shatigon's Ore, Shatigon's Crystal of Basic ~ Heroic grade can be obtained by chance.
Item Name Material Obtained Item
Shatigon's Ore 3 Processed Lumbers, 3 Processed Ores, 3 Processed Fabrics,
300 Archeum, 100 Labor Points
Upon crafting once, a bundle consisting of
10 Shatigon's Ores is obtained

Shatigon's Crystal - Synthesis
Collect a certain number of Shatigon's Crystals and synthesize them to obtain Shatigon's Crystals of higher grade.
By synthesizing Shatigon's Crystals, following results can be obtained.
Result Details
Success Obtain Shatigon's Crystal of the grade higher than intended.
(ex. Attempted to craft Shatigon's Grand Crystal and obtain Shatigon's Rare Crystal)
Fail Obtain Shatigon's Crystal of intended grade.
(ex. Attempted to craft Shatigon's Grand Crystal and obtain Shatigon's Grand Crystal as intended)
Granted obtain Obtain Shatigon's Crystal Shard of the grade that matches the intended grade of Shatigon's Crystal.
(ex. If attempted to craft Shatigon's Grand Crystal, obtain Shatigon's Grand Crystal Shard)

Shatigon's Crystal - Definitive Crafting
With Shatigon's Crystal Shard obtained during Shatigon's Crystal Synthesis process, Shatigon's Crystal of higher grade can be definitively crafted.
Please refer to Folio(O) [Process materials - Special materials - Shatigon's Crystal] for details.
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