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How to connect Kaikas-Metamask
If you need to connect Kaikas wallet with MetaMask to use Bora Portal, please follow the steps below.
- When installing MetaMask for the first time, enter the recovery phrase of Kaikas wallet(12-word seed phrase) to log in. Then you can make addresses of both wallets the same.
- If you already have a MetaMask wallet, you can import Kaikas account into MetaMask with the same wallet address by following the method below.
■ Export from Kaikas
1. Open Kaikas and click the account name you want to link with MetaMask.
2. In the ‘Account Details’ window, click ‘Manage Wallet Key’ at the bottom.
3. In the ‘Wallet Key Management’ window, click ‘Export Wallet Key’.
4. In the ‘Export Wallet Key’ window, enter the Kaikas login password and click the ‘Export Wallet Key’ button at the bottom.
5. You can now check the private key of your wallet. Click the copy icon next to 'Private Key' and hit 'Confirm' at the bottom to finish.
■ Import into MetaMask
1. While copying the private key of the Kaikas account you want to link, turn on MetaMask.
2. Click the round icon (My Account) at the top right.
3. Select ‘Import Account’ from the menu in the ‘My Account’ window.
4. In the ‘Import Account’ window, set the type selection to Private Key, paste the Private Key copied from Kaikas and click ‘Import’.
If you follow the steps above, the wallet address of MetaMask and Kaikas becomes the same, so you can use two kinds of wallets as one wallet.
1) You can purchase ArcheWorld NFTs on OpenSea by logging in with Kaikas.
2) You can proceed Wallet Verification on ArcheWorld website with the MetaMask wallet which has the same wallet address with Kaikas.
3) If you proceeded as above, the NFT ownership information purchased with Kaikas from OpenSea is linked with the ArcheWorld account verified with MetaMask.
※ Please refer to the link below for the D’cent and MetaMask connection guide. [Link]
※ Caution: If the wallet's private key / recovery phrase / keystore file is leaked, anyone can hack and steal the wallet, so please pay special attention to your personal security.
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