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Gear Upgrade

In ArcheWorld, gear items can be upgraded based on Synthesis and Awakening system.
Upon reaching the maximum grade and XP, the gear can be upgraded to higher grade with Awakening Scrolls.
Gear items can be upgraded sequentially from the lowest grade, 'Apprentice: 1T', and can be obtained by following routes.
  • Obtain Aprprentice's weapon box by completing Race quests.
  • Purchase gears from Blacksmith, Weapon Merchants, Armor Merchants located in each cities.
Also, if you complete all of the Main quests(Green quests), materials for upgrading gears up to 3T and Awakening Scrolls for awakening 4T gears will be provided.
As XP accumulates through synthesis, the maximum value of Synthesis Effect will be increased.
For higher tier gears, Equipment Points will be differently applied according to the Synthesis Effect.
Since Combat Level increases upon equipping higher tier items after awakening, upgrading tiers of all parts of gears evenly is recommended.

Item Synthesis

Item Synthesis can be proceeded at the bottom left of Bag(I) > [Gear Upgrade] > [Synthesis].

  • At least 1 or more synthesis material is required for item synthesis.
  • Upon selecting the Growth Item, you can check the Synthesis Effect information of the item.
  • As XP of Growth Item accumulates, the value of Synthesis Effect will be increased.
  • 1 Synthesis Effect Change Attempt can be obtained each time the item reaches higher grade.
※ Infusion, which is the synthesis material item, can be obtained by opening Coinpurses that are provided when completing quests or defeating monsters.

Item Awakening

Item Synthesis can be proceeded at the bottom left of Bag(I) > [Gear Upgrade] > [Awakening].

  • Select the gear to be upgraded to list it on Equipment Item slot.
  • Select the Awakening Scroll to list it on Awakening Materials slot. Different Awakening Scrolls are required according to the gear to be upgraded.
  • If successful, you will obtain the equipment showing on Obtainable Equipmet slot.
  • You can check the Success Rate when attempting to awaken the equipment.
- Success Rate : Chances to successfully awaken the equipment

Upgrading Materials

Infusions can be obtained through certain contents or by opening Coinpurses.
Ordinary Infusions can be used for crafting Grand ~ Arcane Infusions by chance.
Since higher grade infusions give XP at higher efficiency, collecting infusions to craft higher grade infusions may be a better choice.
Folio Resource Obtainable Item
Process Unidentified Enhancer Rank 1 5 Unidentified Basic Infusions 1 Unidentified Grand ~ Arcane Infusion

Awakening Scrolls
Check crafting materials for Awakening Scrolls at Folio(O) > [Character - Equipment Improvements] category.
Awakening scrolls of [Apprentice > Craftsman > Artificer > Artisan > Conqueror > Illustrious] grade can be crafted.
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