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Anyone can get a 1T glider item by completing the main(green) quest.
  • Nuian
  • Elf
  • Haranya
  • Firran 
The glider you have in your bag can be equipped by right-clicking on it, and cannot be equipped while carrying the Trade Pack because it uses the same slot as the Trade Pack. 
There are 3 ways to comfortably use the equipped glider.
  1. Add and use the glider item directly in the slot of shortcut bar.
  2. Add 'Use Glider' icon from Basic Abilities.
  3. Press the jump key(Space) twice in a row.
  • Enable the 'Double-Tap Jump to Deploy Glider' in the Options

Crafting Upper Tier Glider

Upper tier glider has increased flight speed, gliding ability, turning speed and launch height, and increasing max HP of your character when equipped.  
Upper tier glider can be crafted on the 'Magic Supplies Workbench' by using the 'Glider Parts' obtained by disassembling the lower tier glider with 'Evenstone' as a crafting material.
Crafting information for glider can be found in Folio(O) [Pets & Transport] tab.

Glider Skill Information by Tier

Glider Tier Skills
Basic Glider(1T) Flight Speed: Low
Gliding Ability: Low
Turning Speed: Low
Launch Height: Low
Special Skills: None
Max HP: Increased by 400
Grand Glider(2T) Flight Speed : Moderate
Gliding Ability : Moderate
Turning Speed : Low
Launch Height : Low
Special Skills : None
Max HP : Increased by 800
Rare Glider(3T) Flight Speed : Moderate
Gliding Ability : High
Turning Speed : Moderate
Launch Height : Moderate
Special Skills : None
Max HP : Increased by 1200
Arcane Glider(4T) Flight Speed : High
Gliding Ability : Very High
Turning Speed : High
Launch Height : High
Special Skills : Each glider has different skills
Max HP : Increased by 1800
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